Why Join A Freebie Site To Earn Money From Home


If you’ve ever heard of “Freebie Sites” then you’ve heard and may have even seen people get free iPads, money, and such from them. They really do work!! If you haven’t taken the opportunity to earn cash from these sites, then you’re missing out on Easy Cash and Valuable Prizes!
You are just 3 Steps away from participating in an opportunity that actually Pays You to get started. You will earn real $$$ deposited directly into your Paypal account or I’ll pay you myself. Join me in the “Daily Cash Challenge”. It’s easy to do and pays like crazy! It’s as simple as getting your free credit report for FREE! Join some freebie sites today and start your journey to making $100 a day! Yay!


What Is A Freebie Site?

A while ago, I had no idea that making money with Freebie Sites could be so easy! There are thousands of people in the world who are participating in freebie sites and earning prizes. It’s all about sharing the news with others. Referring friends, family, and others to do the same thing so that we all make money. Too awesome!

Think about this way, your favorite store is launching a new product or service and needs exposure to a pool of new customers. Business executives of the company perform extensive research and project the cost of how much money it will take to get one new customer. Amarketing plan is then built around a budget based on this cost, times the number of customers they want.

This is the fun part. Here’s where the money for me and you comes into play…

One of the places they spend these marketing dollars is with affiliate programs. If you go to your favorite online store’s website, at the very bottom, you may see that they offer an affiliate program. Internet entrepreneurs use their viral marketing expertise and get paid for finding the company new customers. Freebie sites are one remarkable method where both sides win.

As an affiliate with your favorite store, you use the service or products, share how great it is and refer others to do the same. We as customers all agree to complete offers from sponsors and evaluate their product or service. The sponsor and/or company pays the freebie site when you “Go Green” and get credit for completing an offer. You in turn get cash or referral credit towards the prize you choose from the freebie site. EASY AS SLICING PIE! You would be crazy if you pass this by.


What Do You Have To Do?

Getting started with freebie sites is one of the only online opportunities that you can get started with no upfront cash. Stick to reputable incentive sites that are known for paying out to their affiliates.

There are offers that won’t cost you a dime to get started! Realistically though, the offers usually consist of a Free or Low Cost Trial period. Trials can range from 30 days, 7 days, or even 2 weeks. The sponsor deals with you directly as their new customer. They hope you find their product valuable and stay on as a new customer but this is entirely up to you. Feel free to cancel the trial before it’s over. NOTE: You have to at least be in the offer 95% of the trial period before canceling.

What You’ll Need…
-A credit/debit card to complete the transactions related to the sponsor’s offer
PayPal is the preferred method of payment for the majority of traders and freebie sites but many send checks as well
-A physical address – PO Boxes throw up flags for Freebie site admins and Sponsor companies
-Virtually any broadband internet provider
-And a willingness to complete any offers you find interesting

You complete offers to “go-green” based on the number of credits needed, which is usually always 1.00. For example, I completed an Equifax 30-day free trial to get in the green. It was worth 1.00 so I completed just one offer that cost me NOTHING. I canceled after 25 days to avoid being charged as a full member. No risk on my part and I earn cash for sharing this greatness with cool people like you!!


Start Here! Get Your First Payment Today!

To make it even more fun, I’ll pay you! Yep.

Complete both programs and I’ll send you $15 to Paypal or by money order via mail! Get your cash from me today!! 5 people you refer, you just earned your first $100!! Can’t beat that!

Recommended: Complete the Equifax Free Credit Report Offer (30 Day Trial) For Free! No cost to you, cancel after 25 days if you do not want to keep it.
ZNZ Big Cash
Choose 2 to 5 free and/or low-cost offers that interest you. Must total 1.00 credit. Have fun!
CLICK HERE to watch my payment proof video! 



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  1. I got what you intend, regards for posting .Woh I am thankful to find this website through
    google. “Spare no expense to make everything as economical as possible.” by Samuel Goldwyn.

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