Review| Motor Club Of America

Hey all!! You may have seen me mention MCA a few times if you’re a follower of me among other platforms. Motor Club of America is a company that has been around since 1926. That’s roughly a long and successful 86 years in business. They made it past the Great Depression for crying out loud! THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL! This is no MLM or affiliate marketing company. They are pretty much a cross between the AAA Motor Company and Aflac, instead in turbo drive! When I was introduced to the company, I hesitated a bit. What good will they do me? I wouldn’t know the answer to that question until I actually joined. Like AAA, they offer three top membership packages:

  • Security ($9.95/Month)
  • Security Plus (14.95/Month)
  • Total Security (19.95/Month)

Not bad right? Their most popular membership is the Total Security Plan. If I have to sit here and list everything that membership offers, this post would be a best-selling novel in 5 minutes! lol. I purchased the Total Security plan for a one-time (two month advance) payment of $39.90 with great faith! Not only do you get an amazing benefits package but when you enroll, you automatically become a rep with company. Meaning, you can go out and build your own MCA business. The compensation plan is HOT! Check this out!

Amazing stuff! I actually sit at home on Facebook, twitter, and other platforms, simply sharing this with others. People come to me. I chase after no one. I’m working my way up to 10 people a week so I can earn $840 a week, sheesh!! There is one CON to MCA though, like with any other direct recruitment sale. Don’t just allow anyone to sign up. If they only want to join for the money and have no sense of “to-do” power, they will quickly become frustrated and quit! Leaving you to pay back their un-used membership enrollment. Bummer! Go for the people who actually need an could use  what the membership offers. Drivers, non-drivers, their families, car dealerships, unemployment offices, etc.

I wanted to share with you all what I do at home from the comfort of my bed, literally! lol. Making money from home is REAL! AAA has NOTHING on this company. The benefits I get are amazing and very handy. You would be a fool to not get this. Want to know why I’m now an official representative for them? I get paid every week! $40-$90 per person! I’ve shared these wonderful membership benefits with my friends, family, total strangers and many more people that have joined to receive these benefits. The cash part is a bonus! Just watch my video! While In My Bed..

I made a vow to step outside my safe world and throw myself at the money! The saying is true, scared money make no money! Not only do I get awesome benefits, I make money and I’m now operating my own business from home! $100s to $1000s a week plus residuals!! MCA has been around since 1926… 86 LONG and successful years. With over 7 million members and counting, don’t miss out! I quit my “9 to 5” weeks ago to pursue working for myself! If you have EVER:

  • Locked yourself outside your car
  • Broke down on the side of the road
  • Wished you had several discounts when traveling
  • Needed gas
  • Needed money to pay for teeth cleaning
  • Used up your 3 tows a year (MCA gives unlimited towing)
…whatever the case. You NEED this company in your life! Check out what’ being brought in in MCA!
What are you waiting for? If you need a job, here it is!! Get paid weekly! If you need the coverage and awesome benefits, here they are!! If you would love to spend more time with friends and family, now you can! Control your future, your needs, and your wallet!
What can your one time enrollment payment of $40 do for you!!
Do You Need The Benefits and Services? Hit the link and select “Go Best Now” for the BEST membership bundle ever that 96% of members adore!
Looking For A New Job? Want More Money?
We train, No Experience Required, Just A Need For A Better Lifestyle
Have questions or need help or want more info?
Cell (478) 216-8127
I am DEAD SERIOUS about this. I’m pulling in my own cash all by sitting on my behind, sipping koolaid, and watching movies at home!


5 thoughts on “Review| Motor Club Of America

  1. How do you QUIT Mca ? Im not getting any customers anymore and wold like to quit so they can stop taking money out of my card ! Reply asap pleasee !

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